2016 // Year in Review

All over the country people are “hatin'” on 2016 and I’m over there like, “This year was amazing!” Yes, it had its trials and many difficult challenges, but overall – I’m thankful for 2016. It was the year  I really engulfed myself in my buisness and reached many goals I had set for myself personally and for “Allie.PHOTO!”

As I look back at 2016 I literally CANNOT believe how amazing my clients, well…friends, have been to me! What a blessing to share in so many family milestones; from anniversaries, birthdays, new babies, and wedding days, high school graduates, proms, events, parties, etc. I met so many families who trusted me to capture their first official “family photo” in years. I met many pregnant mother’s and tiny babies.  I cried along with mother’s of the bride and during many “mother-son” dances, and I celebrated with tons of high school seniors who were so excited about the next phase of life!

It’s honestly true that I have an amazing job, but its not just that, it is now my lifestyle. It is a chance to get a sneak into your life and capture who YOU are – for that I am thankful.  A special  thank you to all the families who chose to see me once, twice, and even a few who I saw 5 times this year!

Looking forward to an amazing 2017! CHEERS!


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