Caedmon is Ten // Personal Post

My son Caedmon turned 10 years old today. That is a major milestone in my book. To look back at a decade of my life and see that he is one of the overwhelming “themes” brings up so many emotions. I am thankful. I am blessed. I am joyful. I am amazed. I am in love more than I ever was. Can’t stop – won’t stop loving this boy and his brothers!

downtown_lowell_chlidrens_portraits_age_10_boy_0004.jpgI am going to name my top 10 things I love about Caedmon at this age:

1. He has the biggest heart. Though he is busy and active and somewhat seemingly unaware of those around him – when he pauses it is beacuse his heart has been tugged at. He has a heart for others like no other kid I’ve seen. In ten years he’s been so generous to others. Ran lemonade stands for charity and started his own non-profit organization. Caedmon – you’re pretty amazing.
2. He still asks us to lay by him at bedtime. I know its a small thing, but when I hear it, I know he feels loved and that he desires to still have me in his life – closely. Caedmon – please don’t stop asking this.
3. His memory – WOW! I have never known a kid to remember every detail of everything that’s ever happened to him. Like, for real. He has an amazing memory and I’m always impressed by it. Caedmon – please don’t forget the moments we’ve shared and laughed together. P
4. Charisma – that is the only word for it. He has “it”. Caedmon – dont’ let anyone or anything stiffle you.
5. Watching him play baseball this year has impressed me so much. His drive, enthusiasm, and skills have only increased with practice and games. I never expected to be a baseball mom, but you made me a believer!
6. Glipses of Childhood that I still see. Like when you play on the floor with legos or matchbox cars and it reminds me of all the hours and hours you used to spend doing that. Caedmon – don’t stop playing.
7. Seeing him as a little musician has made smile bigger than almost anything else. It has been amazing to see God’s gift of music being used in him. When he plays, he is in a new world, in his own place. Caedmon – never stop drumming.
8. As a big brother, I often see Caedmon smile or laugh at his little brothers when they are learning a new concept or skill. He never laughs at them, but more in a way, “that was cute!” He loves them feircely. Caedmon – always be a good example and big brother to them.
9. I always appreciate how polite and cordial he is with adults. Caedmon grew up as the “first kid” among all our friends. He loves adults and befriends them easily. Caedmon – stay young, you’ll be there too soon.
10. This year new things and new places will unfold, he is ready for them. He is open to change and tackles it head on. Caedmon – GO, don’t look back or make excuses – JUST DO IT!


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