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What a way to end an amazing year. We celebrated Christmas in Florida this year with unseasonably warm weather and amazing company. We travelled to celebrate my grandfather’s 90th birthday! What a blessing to see him and be together for that honor. We were able to enjoy the beach, pools, family, and friends. It was as close to perfect as any trip could ever have been. Here are photos of our week in Clearwater and a sneak peek of our time at Disney World, too!
I can’t wait to give my tips and tricks for travel and some highlights of the theme parks we visited in later blogs this winter.

Boston Family Photographer_0097.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0096.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0093.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0091.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0092.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0095.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0098.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0094.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0103.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0102.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0101.jpg

Boston Family Photographer_0100.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0104.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0105.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0099.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0106.jpg

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