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What is life if you can’t laugh at yourself a little bit every once and a while? Behind every portrait session there is always a lot of laughs! I love when my clients can let loose and be themselves. In no time at all we’re enjoying our session, talking, cracking up, and before you know its over. In the midst we often catch some silly moments. This blog post is filled with some hillarious content. A special thanks to my awesome clients for allowing me to share these crazy moments with you.

You’re not the only one that has ever had a child cry during a session, I promise. This is just a tiny sampling.



Drool is often involved whenever a little one is around, too


And when kids are just “done” it always leads to crazy faces


I especially love when Dad or Mom choose to join the crazy and let their real emotions show:


No toddler session is complete without a dirty diaper or two…


This seemed like a good idea at the time, until mom and dad bumped heads,


and until little baby brother was thrown so high he got cut off:


What would a true family session be without your dog? How about with someone else’s dog?


Do you think he’s excited to meet baby sister?


Every family has “that goofball”! He was a real crowd pleaser!

Do you think he appreciates his brother’s help in making his eyes look “alive?”

and my favorite…the good old fashioned “photo bomb”!


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Family Photo Outtakes // Allie.Photo 2017 Season

What is life if you can’t laugh at yourself a little bit every once and a while? Behind every portrait session there is always a lot of laughs! I love…

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