Being Mom // Mother’s Day 2017, Personal Post


My boys make me so happy. Even when they’re annoying little crazy men (yes, they may look perfect, but we all know the truth) I can’t help but love them.

Caedmon // My Love. My first born. I feel like every detail of his first year is seared into my memory. I remember every touch of his skin and every little milestone. As the almost ten years have flown by I see so much of what I dreamed of in this boy. I dreamed of a relationship with a son, and now we have that. A real relationship, a bond. I’m so thankful for him and it doesn’t hurt that he’s talented and handsome. This guy gives us challenges and joys. He’s made me a mom and tested my skills or lack there of.

Shepherd // My joy. You cannot help but be happy when this little guy is around. He is our goofball. He has recently become our smart aleck, with antics and come backs for everything we say. He came into my life right when I needed him. After hoping and praying for a second baby I was blessed with not just a baby – but a perfect baby. He slept and ate perfectly. He smiled and cooed and loved to be cuddled. Shepherd and I have a fun relationship. He loves a routine and thrives in one, so he keeps me and my busy schedule in check. Shep also loves to play games and one-on-one time is his favorite thing. He still sits in my lap, wants to be held, and likes a huge hug before bed. So thankful for this silly guy.

Rex // My baby. Oh my gosh, seriously. I can’t imagine a house without this guy. He brings so many smiles and so much energy to our home. Rex will always be my baby. Our home wasn’t complete without baby #3 and when I found out it was a boy – hoped he would be a combo of his brothers. HE IS! Rex has a wild side and a mild side. He makes the best “squuueeeeeeeze” sound when you hug him and “muwwwwwwuuuuahhh” sound when he gives you kisses. Rex curls up and loves to be read to. He also loves to remind me he’s “almost five” and tells me grand stories of when he’s a “teenager” and can do whatever he wants. He has stories and exaggerations to share. He’s always going to be my baby and I am guilty of holding him a little tighter these days as I see him get older.


Everything I learned about love and dedication and joy  is from this lady right here!  My mom was here on each boy’s birthday, welcoming them into our family and our home. Mom goes out of her way to love my siblings and I and our children without selfishness. So thankful for my mom, Happy Mother’s Day!

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