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How do I prepare my children for our annual photo session?
As a mom I know it can sometimes feel like a “good idea at the time” when you book your session. Then the “hard part” comes in. How will I actually get them to behave? How will I get them ready all at the same time before one of them makes a mess of their hair or clothing? Here are some tips to prepare your children for a successful annual session!

1. Choose outfits that they can be comfortable in and have flexibility to move and play. If you’re getting new shoes, make sure they fit and they can walk comfortably in them. Remember to dress for the weather with layers, too.
2. Feed them about 30 minutes before you need to leave and then clean them up. A snack will do, but just get some food in the so they have energy to run and play.
3. Get to the location a little early if your children are very young and dress them there or in the car.
4. Shoes and accessories can be added right before we start snapping. Often times little ones hate hairbows or hats, but we can be sure to get some of that cuteness in while playing games.
5. Bring small snacks or treats that won’t stain to bribe them with if needed: goldfish, fruit snacks, apple slices, puffs
6. Bring a favorite stuffed animal or lovie along
7. Be patient – allow them to be themselves. We will have time to let them run a little bit, play, and goof off between shots. It’s fine to let “kids be kids” and then we can draw them back in to focus on the next shot. Plus, some of the time candids are the most fun!
8. KEEP CALM – When you can be calm and relaxed the children can be themselves and we can truly capture your family as is! When all else fails, all adults should just keep smiling at the camera.

9. Leave it to the professional: I love dancing around, being silly, and playing with all the little ones I meet. I can promise you we’ll have a blast and capture your child as they truly are! See what some of my clients have to say:

“Allie was great with our (sometimes grumpy) toddler, and worked magic with our surroundings. Our photos came out great, with many looking like they should be in a magazine!” – Maureen

Allie is by far the most amazingly talented photographer I’ve ever met. She got all three of my children to smile & laugh during the photo session. She has the greatest energy & enthusiasm!” – Nicole

“She not only captured beautiful moments, she was patient, kind, and had a great sense of humor with our two kids ages 2 & 5.” – Kerry

“The pictures that Allie took of my three kids were just amazing! She caught every little aspect of their personalities in every shot! I feel like every shot tells a story.” – Laurel


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