Cheers, 2015!!! : Personal Post

January 1, 2016

2015 was so awesome!!!! My family had a lot of fun! Here are our top 15 moments/memories in 2015.

1. The Winter of 2015 was the snowiest winter on record! Our boys loved it and made the best of every snowy day. It made the spring even sweeter!
2. In March Ryan released his first book – Millenial Gospel on Amazon as an e-book. He worked very hard and made us all proud
  1. I traveled home to spend a few days with my siblings this March in honor of Mom’s birthday. It was a special time and so glad we could all surprise her!11090882_10100356977416922_5103257954218434892_o
4.In April we took a good ol’ fashioned family vacation to Colorado to see the Jacobson’s new home! It was a beautiful place and we had a great time!
5.Caedmon excelled in Drumming this year and began formal lessons. He made quite the impression during his spring recital and continues to love music and sports. He turned 8 in July.
6.June 10th Ryan and I celebrated 10 years at Matthews Memorial Church and in June we also celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. We didn’t know what blessings and challenges were in store for us, but have seen God show himself to us and now call this church and this church family – Home


(photo credit: Laura Wagner Photography)


7.Rex turned three on July 3rd and only a few months later began riding a two wheeler without training wheels. He amazes us with his determination and athleticism.
8.We enjoyed one of the hottest and nicest summers on record! It was perfect after a long winter. You could find the Reveleys on a baseball field, or at a  beach, lake, or pool on any given day
9.We gathered with my entire extended “Babler” family in Barnes, Wisconsin for a very special reunion. It was an awesome week of fishing, food, family, all under the umbrella of love and faith.
10.October 5th we celebrated Shepherd’s 5th birthday. He is in Pre-K and learning to read and write and is an amazing little boy! Grandma and Pa and the Baleno’s came to celebrate with us.
11.ABR Photography & Design kept me very busy this year. I am so thankful for all the families and weddings that have entrusted me with capturing their memories for them. Ryan and I did three combo-deals where he performed the ceremony and I photographed it. Those were especially awesome!
12.Ryan was a part of a community board to build a new playground in place of an old one. Harmony Adventure Park was completed and had a grand opening in Oct. He had a great time being a part of this event in our community.
  1. In late October we had a very nice visit from Will and Karen’s family. We spent Halloween together and had a few 70 degree fall days!IMG_4722
  2. In November my youngest brother Wes was engaged to his long term girlfriend Stephanie – we’re excited to officially welcome her to the family!


    photo credit: Jenna Strubar

  3. We headed home for the Holidays. There is no place my boys would rather be than with their cousins for Christmas! Dede was also there and we spent many fun times with grandparents and great grandma too!IMG_0239EDIT_
other highlights:
haliegh and devon’s engagement, time in chicago this summer,Ryan’s visits to Arkansas to be with his parents, Allie coaching soccer for shep and caedmon, caedmon’s baseball season with Ryan as coach, Shep starting Kindergarten, Caedmon in 3rd grade, StarWars the Force Awakens Movie and clever Christmas Card, SO MUCH SNOW, Best dates to Ben Rector Concert and “Newsies”, Seeing the Gorski’s and Baleno’s a few times this year: especially for our annual Easter dinner, my trip to Florida to be a part of a Perkins wedding, making new friendships and spending time with some of the besets friends a family could ask for!

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