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March 20, 2018

After our first magical trip to Disney (see here) we couldn’t wait to go back again, while the boys were still young enough to enjoy it. I spent months planning, we even committed to taking them out of school, did all the homework in advance of course, and chose the “perfect” time of year to go. I couldn’t wait for this trip. All winter long I watched different groups of friends go and knew we were next! It was going to be magical – until I got the flu. Days before the trip I wasn’t feeling well, I knew something was up. I started taking meds to feel a bit better, but nothing seemed to help that munch. Day one and two, while in Tampa FL with friends, I was down for the count. I knew this vacation was goign to look a lot different than last years.
We visited Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom. The weather was ideal, our kids were patient, the food was amazing, our fast passes quick and the lines were short. I unfortunately only made it through thanks to “Thera-flu” and sheer will power. If you’ve ever been sick while on vacation you can relate at how badly you want your body to just cooperate with the beautiful sights and sounds. I pushed through and am thankful that I did.
The sickness made me slow down a bit, obviously, and soak up a bit of the little things that make any vacation a little extra sweet. I held my boys hands, walked, and really soaked up their bright eyes and joy over every new thing they experienced. I could barely talk by day three so I just sat back and observed the happiness they were having. It was a bit of a bight spot amidst the fatigue.
Once we journeyed home I slept for four days, and slowly bounced back.
All that being said…the photos tell a different story. They show happy kids, a mom who just loved being in the warm weather and a dad who made up for all that I coudn’t do. I’m thankful we have these memories, no matter how clouded by tylenol they were!

A special thanks goes out to Courtney Reynold’s Photography (@courtneyreynoldsphotography)¬†who captured this beautiful session of my family while in Magic Kingdom. She was so fun to work with and the light was so dreamy. I love that I have these photos and highly recommend having a photographer to follow you around the parks sometime – it was so much fun!


And here are some snapshots.

My boys favorite rides were: Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and Everest (do you catch a theme, obviously they have some love for tall, fast, rough rides!)



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