Shepherd is Seven // Personal Post, Reveley Family Memories

October 5, 2017

My little golden boy is growing up! Shepherd is seven and I can’t think of anything I don’t love about him. He is silly and smart and all boy. It has truly been a pleasure to be his mom.
Seven things I don’t want to forget about him at this age:
1. He is gullible. In a cute, innocent kinda of way. He falls for almost anything I say, and yes – I often trick him. I just love to see his eyes get wide and how he soaks up the whole story before realizing I’m joking with him.
2. He’s learning lots of new skills. This summer he had never taken a swim lesson before, by the end he was excelling. He can pitch a baseball with amazing accuracy and is a wiz with card games.
3. Shepherd is a star in the classroom. We love recieving, “I made great learning choices” papers each week from his teacher. He loves first grade so much and if a grandma-crush was a thing, he’d have one on his teacher.
4. He loves to hear stories of when he was a baby. It is one of the cutest things hearing him giggle about old memories we have of him that he will never have himself. Its been a blast sharing videos of his baby-life with him and seeing him light up with joy. I’m so thankful I have all those.
5. Shepherd write the cutest notes. I have loved finding them around the house and on papers he creates at school. #Stuffshepherdwrites is a new hashtag I’m starting to keep track of all the cute sentiments he leaves. He is not always the most expressive, but in his writing he tells us how he really feels. He also has great penmanship.
6. Silly doesn’t even begin to describe this little man. He does the funniest things and ends each crazy activity with a hilarious laugh. I could listen to him laugh and giggle all day. He really enjoys bathroom humor and though it gets annoying at times, we know it means he’s just a normal boy!
7. Shepherd is thoughtful. He often remembers things or “favorites” of others and has a very caring spirit.

I am so thankful he is mine! Happy birthday, my little “Golden Boy”!



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