The DiPetrillo Family, Golden Hour at Boston Public Garden // Boston Family Photographer

September 5, 2018

There are certain things that make a photographer VERY VERY happy!
1. Perfect Temperature to shoot in
2. A happy family with giggling and joyful children
3. Golden Hour (that perfect time of day when the sun is lower in the sky and the streams of light pour in warm hues)
4. Cutesy tulle skirts
5. Flowers and Lush greenery
6. Iconic Architecture
This session had them all!!! The DiPetrillo Family has trusted me with their family memories for three years now and it has been so much fun to see these little ladies grow up over time. Ellie has always been the big sister, but is more mature each session and ready to help! Marina was just a playful one year old, but she is now three and has that extra sass and super bouncy curls!

During my Boston Mini Session sthis Agusut I was so happy to see them snag a spot. In the past our sessions were during chilly late fall temps, so the warmth of the end of summer was very welcome!
Golden hour, also known as “magic hour”, is the ideal time for photos. I love doing as many sessions as possible during this time of day beacuse the light is soft, warm, and so flattering. There is something so inviting about the dancing light through the trees, spreading across the iconic Boston landscape in the Public Garden. Even with strangers passing by, we found a beautiful level of intimacy this family shared. They laughed and loved together and it was beyond perfect! The garden has such beautiful flowers in late August and is so lush! The classic bridge and statues, with buildings filtering the light behind them, makes me want to shoot here again and again. I’ll never get sick of visiting Boston and photographing there.
I hope you enjoy this session as much as I did!
boston_family_photographer_public garden_mini_sessions_0001.jpg
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