APRIL 2020 // Quarantine Diaries

May 13, 2020

The month of April 2020 was a LONG one, and one based on uncertainties and new experiences. Our family bonded together over cooking and the arts this month. Our boys learned new skills, became pros at “distance learning” and we all started to accept social isolation. This month was easier than the last, for sure and brought a lot more laughter and joyful moments than sad ones.
In March we grieved for all the things that would change and how our lives would be different. In April, we embraced it – stayed positive – and worked hard to figure out life together again. I am proud of my boys.
A few highlight days in April were:
1. Our first day at the ballfields. We all geared up and played baseball together. I softened up an old glove and ran around with them, after fly balls, and cheered them on. It was so much fun to see the boys play their favorite sport for one sunny afternoon. We have accepted the fact that real baseball woundn’t begin yet and just had fun.
2. A new artist in town! Shepherd has never been “artsy” or able to draw. He would always get frustrated and annoyed with art projects and hated having to do so at school. But, thanks to an awesome YouTube tutorial, this boy become a cartoonist. I am so proud of his artistic expressions and how much he learned this month. He has turned a whole new creative leaf! Instead of just using his “analytical mind” he turned on the “right side” and let loose.
3. Love You Bouquets // @loveyoubouquets was my way of relaxing and finding a new silver lining this month. After years of never picking up a paint brush I ordered some watercolors and literally got to work! I started selling my paintings after a few practice rounds and have been overwhelmed by all the support. I love painting and have started this “side hustle” as a way to stay creative and cultivate my non-stop desire to “do something worthwhile.”
4. Independence // I’m thankful that the boys have been so independant with their school work and have stayed on top of it all. They are great examples of rolling with it, and never seem to get frustrated or angry. Rex is a pro and loves to see his friends on zoom. Caedmon has been recording some music, playing piano, and continues drum lessons – virtually.
5. Easter // We celebrated Easter in the most unusual way. As a pastor’s family, we are always in full celebration mode for easter, observing all the services and traditions. This year, it was much different. We were the only 5 in the church. My amazing husband peached to a camera and it was live on the Facebook Easter morning. We still held our annual Basket hunt that ended in our church pew. It was bittersweet. We did enjoy a wonderful meal and lots of laughter. God is Good!
6. Get Out // Outside has been our saving grace this month. A few warmer days and more mild temperatures have literally saved the day on so many occasions. I am thankful for that and it can only get better as the year continues into summer!!! WE planted a garden and built a fire pit.
7. TRICK SHOTS // Ryan showed off his amazing trick shot skills and the internet rejoiced! If you haven’t seen these check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l06bmU12f7s&feature=youtu.be8. CHILDRENS DAY // Children’s Day, made up by our children was the highlight of our month. We were coaxed into celebrating a made up holiday, on April 27th. Little did the boys know, Ryan and I had already purchased them a Nintendo Switch (something totally new for this no-video-game-family). We now had an excuse to give it to them and loved their reactions!

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