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Tips for a Photo Session with Children

May 19, 2020
The Kelliher family welcomed a new little lady last summer and were ready to show her off in a family photo session at the Boston Public Garden. I first met them when their oldest daughter was just a tiny little babe (see here) and now as they welcomed Riley they are pros at professional photos. Together we created a relax and fun session that showcased their love and connection with their daughters and created some Tips for a Photo Session with Children for you to learn from.

Here are some tips you can take to plan a photo session with your little ones:

1. EXTRA EXTRA : Bring an extra set of clothes! This is so important for little ones. Having a “back up” outfit for your child is key to success. This often becomes the “main outfit” due to any number of unforeseen reasons. Somehow it never fails that between the car and the session kids get dirty, babies spit up, or a shoe gets lost.
2. EARLY IS ON TIME: Especially if you’re planning a mini session time management is your friend. Plan to be at least 15 minutes early to your session. I’ll give you parking and travel information ahead of time, but make sure you know the route, the parking areas, and “walk time” to our starting point.
*If you have a 2:00 session time, plan to park at 1:30 and be on site at 1:45.
3. WARM UP: During that 15 minutes of “prep time” I encourage parents to let their kids “warm up.” Start to explore the area, explain to them what we’ll be doing and who “Allie” is. If you have a young baby, physically warm them up. Make sure they’ve cozy and comfortable, take them out of the car seat and let them stretch a bit or have a little bottle while you wait. Text me to let me know you’ve arrive as I may be finishing up a session before yours.
4. LESS IS MORE : Often times we have grand idea on how to capture the “PERFECT FAMILY PHOTO” but with young children “less is more”. Overstimulation and multiple locations can be “too much” for your small kiddos, so we can follow their lead as we use the park or beach are.
5. HAPPY VIBES : The children will pick up on your energy and stress or your happiness.  Just as children can be apprehensive to meet a new person, I know many adults feel the same way. It’s not always the most comfortable thing to “be yourself” in front of the camera. So, take a minute to relax and soak in your surroundings. Take a deep breath and remind yourself why you’re there – to capture the love your family shares!
SOCIALLY DISTANT TIPS:  When children are running and playing I often have to adjust their clothing or hair. This will now be up to mom and dad. Consider using a little extra hair gel, hair spray, or clips to keep their locks in place. Be sure what you choose for them to wear fits well and isn’t bulky. Most of the photos taken in this blog post are from more than 6 feet away, as is my usual “go to”. I love to give your family room to interact and capture the moments from a distance, thanks to the lenses I use. No matter what – we’ll be able to still have a successful session for you to remember the most monumental year with!

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