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April 3, 2019

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OHHHH!!! I love this question that came from my instagram a few weeks back and couldn’t wait to answer it here for you.

“Allie, I love your style and creative portraits. I see you photograph families and weddings, but what do you love to photograph the most?”

Answer: Happy People who Love Life as much as I do!

That is the honest truth. I can’t say that photographing a wedding makes me love my career more than photographing a new baby or a family. I love it all, as long as the couples or families are truly happy to be there. Let me explain.
When I first started doing photography I often ran across people who weren’t “engaged” in the session, instead they were just there to get the job done. They needed an updated photo of their family and I was an affordable option to get that job done. As my style and experience grew I realized that I wanted to photograph people who WANTED to be there, who looked forward to their sessions, and were ready to exude joy for the camera.
I can when a person is truly HAPPY to be at the session because it shines through on the camera. At a wedding it’s often easier to create these happy and joyful images because, after all, it is “The Happiest Day of your Life,” and I work hard to attract couples who want joyful, bright wedding images.

Here are some suggestions for portrait & engagement sessions to help you channel your inner-happiness so you will be ready to be photographed:

1. Ask yourself why you want these images. Are they beacause “everyone else has them” or do you truly want to document your life and your “story”?

2. Wear something that makes you feel great! When the outside matches the inside, you’ll be confident.

3. Don’t stress – embrace the fun! A session with Allie.Photo will not be boring, stiff, or posed. Each session is unique to the people being photographed and how they interact together.

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
― Abraham Lincoln

Are you in the Boston or Southern NH Area? I would love to meet you and capture your joy and happiness! Let’s chat & schedule your session, today.


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