Social Distance during your Photo Session

May 26, 2020

This spring and summer, maybe even fall, our country’s health depends on our “safe social distance.” As a photographer, with the equipment I use, I am normally shooting from 6 feet or more. Often times I will  help out with arranging clothing, hair, and other distrations from the “photo” while shooting. Those things will change, but not much else will. I want to assure you, that I can do my job from 6+ feet, outdoors, and plan to!

This summer, I look forward to seeing smiling faces, even if mine is hidden with a mask. Twenty-twenty is the most amazing year for a photo session, one that will go down in history for sure! We all should capture and remember this time as a family or a couple, how our lives changed, and how we navigated the pandemic.
All the sessions below were shot, on purpose, with social distancing. As you’ll notice, nothing has changed from my previous session work! I am proud to say that I know you’ll get a great result from a social distanced session, and here are some examples how to make that happen.

Here are a few tips for helping make it simple.
1. We’ll communicate as much as possible about expectations, shot requests, outfit choices, and more before the session. That will give us less “one on one” conversation during our time together.
2. I’ll arrive early and find a private area for us to shoot in and text you details. Whatever location we choose, will be based on if it is a “high traffic area”or not.
3. I’ll ask families to bring their own blankets, stools, or props.  If you need suggestions, just let me know!
4. Weekend sessions will be a little tricker for locations. As you know most of New England will “get out” and enjoy the state parks, beaches, and other popular locations. If you have a spot you’d like to suggest – please do so. We can also consider doing them in your own backyard.

Here are some sample sessions from this spring. All were shot at a safe-social distance and here is what one client had to say:
“Allie is incredible! She makes the experience fun and we felt so at ease and comfortable with her. 10/10 she is the best!”

Be  encouraged to know that we can enjoy our time together, still and you can receive beautiful portraits with a social distance photo shoot to remember 2020 by! Let’s do this!!!!

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