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February 27, 2020

We’re all in search of that “perfect family photo” right???

Creating an INSTRAM-WORTHY MOMENT isn’t alway easy. My children DO give me a hard time for family photos, yes, almost every time. They have a lot to say when I let them know, “It’s family photo day!”
This year I took special note of their comments before and after the session to share with you all – to know that REAL LIFE is what we’re capturing. I hope this post will make you feel a bit better about planning your family photo session! Capturing “the perfect family photo” may have a whole new outlook, read on…

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As we ran around the house, putting on perfectly coordinated outfits the words I overheard from my sons (ages 12, 9, and 7) were these:

  • I hate ties.
  • It’s so hot in all these layers.
  • Two shirts…why two shirts?
  • Usually I hate this, but today I really hate it
  • I mean, why do we have to go somewhere, isn’t our yard good enough?
  • Can I just NOT wear those shoes? and….
  • We’re going to miss the game!

As a mom I could choose to get annoyed, frustrated, bothered. Instead, I got creative. I told the boys they only had to sit still for one photo, the rest of the time we’ll create something to show people the reality of family photos. They could be themselves, and my camera – on a timer – would capture just that. It was an experiment leading to a very funny Christmas card! I love how each of their personalities show off so much in these “outtakes”. These photos quickly became some of my favorites of our year.

boston area family photographer,
boston area family photographer,
boston area family photographer,
boston area family photographer,
boston area family photographer,

The picture perfect family photo, came after a little bit of goofing off and a whole lot of laughs. We were all relaxed, had so much fun together, and BAM – magic happened .This is the shot most people want. Everyone looking proper, their best, and happy. It’s what I love too, of course! I like to see how much they’ve grown, how tall they are compared to previous years, how many teeth they’ve lost, etc. This shot is a must but doesn’t have to come to with a price of frustrations and annoyance. It can be a reality and can come with a little bit of joy!
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The best part of all was when we were walking to our car and the boys all collectively said these phrases:

  • That was fun.
  • I want to wear this shirt again
  • I’ll wear this tie every shoot we do!
  • I’m glad we did that.
  • I look so nice today!
  • I should always look this good.

But best of all……
“I love you mom” At the end of the day the times we capture family photos should end in a new found love and appreciation for the family we have. A new memory made and connections that are growing away from electronics, distractions, and busy schedules. I wish your attempt for “the perfect family photos” happens this year and you enjoy the ride as much as I do!

boston area family photographer,
boston area family photographer,
boston area family photographer,

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